The different formats of a leaflet

Above all, folders allow you to make a brief and detailed presentation of your establishment and your products, services and benefits. As its name suggests, a flyer is a medium that can fold and unfold (with at least one fold and 2 parts). It is for you to make the choice between different types of folds available through your online printer either parallel pleats or folds accordion folds or rolled, and so on for even more originality.

The more components you are going to choose, the more you’ll get a more comfortable space to insert information. The choice of the formats is also important for the publication of a brochure. Many formats you can choose and vary according to your purpose and budget for this type of support. But to help you make the choices, here are the most common of an original brochure formats.

The standard A4

Sets for ISO 216, A4 is currently the most popular format in the world of printing especially when it comes to the production of a leaflet. Due to its size 210x297mm, this format is very economical is comfortable enough for insertion of your content whether text or images. A4 is ideal for making tourist leaflets, mailings campaigns (to be inserted into an A4 envelope), and other promotional activities. Through its folds, you get a DL 105x210mm format or A5 150x210mm format. In addition, a leaflet with the A4 easily adheres to any type of desktop printer.


This format is also defined by ISO 216. This type of format has a size of 150x210mm, which is of course half of A4 format. Even with its relatively small size, but is very economical, A5 remains comfortable to put your advertising and promotional content. For an open A5, you will get by closing the A6 flyer. And a closed A5, opening the brochure, you will get an A4 format. For commercial and advertising activities, the A5 leaflet is a difficult choice without breaking the bank refusable course. And for the mailing campaigns through C5 envelopes, you’ll be easier to slide the A5 flyer in mailboxes.

The A6

The A6 is among the classic A format of ISO 216 as the formats we mentioned above. This file format has a small dimension 105x148mm for your advertising and commercial content. Not only is the A6 flyer is economical, but it is also very practical and can slip easily into a wallet, or pocket. A6 flyer is perfect for a presentation of a product, service or special offers of your institution. In addition, for the events that not require large budgets for communication (for example: festival, fair, show, exhibition, etc.), the A6 flyer is perfect thanks to its small size that fits easily in small envelopes. A6 flyer for the open, you will get an A7 format opening. And for the case of an A6 flyer closed, opening it, you would have an A5 format.

Small A7 and A8 formats

These two formats are also small formats defined by ISO 216. Their small sizes are very advantageous especially for its low price for its production. The A8 with its dimension of 52x74mm and 74x105mm A7 format is roughly 4 times smaller than A4. In addition, a leaflet with a tiny A7 and A8 format is much more original that effectively seduce your customers.

The formats for DL ​​envelope 100x210mm and 105x210mm DL +

This type of format is perfect to make an original brochure mailing campaign. The DL and DL + adapts flawlessly to DL envelopes. DL brochure and DL + is specially designed to make your job a little more in mailing and direct mail campaign. IT is also the DL brochure and DL + are very original that will appeal to your recipients.

Square formats

If you want to make a flyer with an impeccably original appearance, choice of square formats is not at all a bad choice. In addition, a leaflet with original allure entice your customers while encouraging them to take a direct interest in your offer. Through your printer, you will have many choices in terms of the square formats for flyers ie the square format of 105x105mm, 120x120mm, 148x148mm, 160x160mm, 210x210mm and many other again.