Leaflets: folded, but how?

You want a brochure to present your company and its services, highlight your new products or promotions?
Before making the model, it is important to determine the type of fold you want.

The number of plies will determine the number of components of the flyer (a component corresponds to a flyer page, when it is closed). With a fold you get 2 components: ie 4 pages when printing double-sided.

The type of folding will also determine the final rendering of your document plus the direction of opening (and thus the order of pages to place on your scale model for reading the information in the right order at the opening of the brochure.

Here are the classic folding:

Folded 2

Your brochure includes 1 fold in the middle between the 2 parts (or 4 pages). This is the simplest fold.
Folded 3

Your brochure includes two folds separated into 3 parts (or 6 pages)
2 accordion folds: Parallel folds are in a different direction, giving the flyer the accordion. This is typically used for folding maps.
2 rolled folds: Parallel folds are in the same direction. To closed the brochure, the latest flap that is found inside should be slightly narrower than the other 2.
2 window folds: Parallel folds allow to obtain a triptych whose flaps open like a window (closed, the two components must touch or overlap slightly).

Folded 4

Your brochure contains 2 fold that separates into 4 parts (or 8 pages)
Wallet fold: the 2 ends of the sheet are folded inwardly, then the assembly is folded into two (the folds remain parallel).

Cross fold: this is also the sequence 2-fold but perpendicular. This can multiply the number of folds to increase the number of the page … but be careful to use a thinner paper to easily close your document (over the fold is less complex your paper should be thick).

A few tips:

From 170g, the paper must be absolutely slotted so as not to break the fiber bending.
Avoid falling flat areas on the crease for folding “breaks” the flatness and rendering is less satisfactory. In this case, we recommend that you make a film coating your brochure.

And if you need help in achieving your model, our design studio is available.